Monday, November 23, 2009

Somebody's Got a Case of the Mondays

Good Morning Blog World,

Neither Jason or I have school this week, and I don't have work at all and Jason only has to work a little from home. It is going to be a nice, relaxing week for both of us. Today is a big day for Jason... he is getting a HAIRCUT! YAY! For those of you living in Texas you probably don't know just how long and untamable it is right now. I will post pictures of before and after later :)

Today is kinda a big day for me too. Some of you know that I have, over the past few years, found many lumps in my neck which doctors have always told me were normal. They have told me I needed to come back in if they ever grew, got hard, or caused me to have any other symptoms. Well, a couple of months ago I felt two very hard, immobile enlarged lymph nodes in my neck but wanted to give it some to see if they would go down, well they haven't. In fact, the one of the left has grown in size. So today, I am going to an ENT to have them checked. I am not really nervous cause I am sure it will be nothing and I am continually learning to trust God with every part of my life (including the incredibly annoying lumps in my neck).

So, I will update lated today with pictures from Jason's haircut and let you know how my appointment went :) We love you all!


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