Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Silence Isn't Always Golden

Have you ever been eating at a restaurant and noticed those couples that never speak to each other? They just sit there, looking around the room, eating their food, and never once say a word to each other. Really, this could be one of two things, they have been together so long that they are just totally comfortable with silence or they don’t want to talk to each other anymore. This makes me really sad. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the feeling of not wanting to talk all the time but I seem to notice this happening all the time with middle age to older couples. Couples that just sit and eat. I really hope that Jason and I are never like this. I love talking to him. We are capable of sitting in silence and not feel awkward, but I would just so much rather talk to him. I always want to hear about his day, how work was, what he learned in class, or what God was teaching him during that day. My husband is fascinating and I truly love to listen to him. Jason also loves listening to me; thus, a conversation begins. I don’t know, maybe not every couple is lucky enough to have a lot to talk about. Or maybe they just stopped trying. Either way, it makes me sad and makes me hope that Jason and I never stop trying, that we always put in 100 % in every aspect of our marriage. **Mushy alert** I love my husband more and more and everyday and am just so thankful for him.

And yes, I wrote this blog while eating alone before class. Sad, I know. ☺

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