Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The high for Friday and Saturday is 78 degrees. Um, yes please. That number sounds so lovely right now. An activity that takes place outside is definitely on the agenda for Saturday afternoon.

Another thing that I'm happy about is that today is my Friday. I only work part-time, Monday-Wednesday, so Wednesday is the start of my weekend. I'm gonna lie, it's fabulous. It feels especially wonderful since today has been an especially hectic day. Actually, truth be told, I've gagged twice, changed 6 poopy diapers, and cleaned poop off the floor from when the 3-year-old accidently went on the ground. Yeah, I welcome the weekend.

Jason and I have a "Madmen/The Help" inspired costume party which I am pumped for. I still need a dress though. I'm digging these types of dresses but am at a loss for where to find one.

Do you have any favorite thrift/vintage stores?

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