Thursday, January 5, 2012


What is home?

This is a question I've asked myself repeatedly over the past few years. Living 1500 miles from my family has been really difficult for me and I've definitely had my moments (okay, more like months on end) of wishing I lived closer to them. It's taken me a long time to truly feel at home here in California, in fact, I'd say it's been in the last couple of months. I was constantly wishing and wanting something that couldn't happen now and that was making me so sad. Finally, I stopped, looked around and said "this is home for now, stop crying and start enjoying." Who knows where we'll be in a year, two years, ten years, but for now, we're HERE! I want to present every. single. day. That being said, nothing will ever replace my longing to live near my family, and I'm sure we will at some point in our lives, for now I'm here (this is me reminding myself even as I type so I'm not sad). :-)

One of the reasons I really love where we are is that Jason LOVES his job. I mean, like the love that makes you jealous that you aren't doing his job even though you really don't have that skill set, kind of love. We are so blessed that he has a job at all, let alone one he truly enjoys going to every day. Another reason that this is home is we've made wonderful, lifelong friends. This may have been possibly the most helpful in making this feel like home for me. Lastly, we've made our house a home and I just love living in it. It's where real life is lived, it may not always be pretty, but it's real. We've cried many tears in this house, some happy, some sad. But all those tears, happy and sad, have been cried together.

All of those things help to define home for me, but what truly defines it is (okay, this is really cheesy, you ready for this?) wherever Jason is. He's my home. And that gives me hope for the day when we might move far away, because it'll all be alright, as long as we're together, we are home.

What is home for you?

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  1. SO sweet! This reminds me of a song we almost danced to at our wedding, you've probably heard it before, but here's a link in case you haven't. :)