Monday, February 20, 2012

day off

I had the day off today due to President's Day (thanks presidents!) and it was/IS a good day! I woke up this morning (later than I care to admit), enjoyed a nice cup of coffee, ran 2 miles, took Charlie on a walk, meal planned, grocery shopped, cleaned our back patio, and am now just sitting and enjoying some good tunes. What a day, right? After a tough Saturday, a day like today was just what I needed. Jason should be leaving work at 4 and as soon as he gets home it's off to the dog park! This will be Charlie's third time there and let me tell you, he LOVES it. I'll post more on that later. He's such a funny dog.

Jason and I had a blast on our little Laguna getaway (more on that later too!) Hope you all had a great day, rather it was spent at work or home.

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