Tuesday, February 28, 2012

laguna beach

Jason and I got to spend a weekend in Laguna Beach and we had a blast!! We already can't wait to go back. I think Laguna is my favorite of the beaches around these parts. It's such a neat little town and we loved getting to explore it for a couple of days. Our bed and breakfast was a short 5 minute walk from all the restaurants and shops. It was great being able to walk wherever we wanted to go.

It was the most beautiful, perfect weekend and it gave us a much needed break. Score 1 for Laguna Beach!! Here's some pictures :-)

1. View from our room
2. Breakfast at Starbucks
3. Sushi for dinner on Thursday night
4. Amazing mexican food dinner on Friday
5. Rainbow outlet
6. Sunset
7. Beautiful day in Laguna
8. More sushi
9. More Starbucks

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