Wednesday, May 1, 2013

9 days

See the excitement?  That's how I feel about taking our sweet boy to Texas for the first time in 9 short days.  He will get to meet a LOT of family and friends that love him so much already.  Although I am nervous for the flight, I am so very excited to see my family again and watch them love on my son.  I feel so lucky to have a family who doesn't mind a gazillion pictures a day of Elijah- in fact, they ask for them!

Know what's happening in 3 days?  We're moving!  I know I already told you we were so it's not new news.  But it kinda is cause up until Monday night we didn't know exactly when we'd be moving.  But here we are, 3 days away, and we have a whole lotta work to do.  I'm actually not stressed about it, which is surprising for me.  Don't worry, I guarantee it will kick in soon.  Like maybe even tonight.  We'll see.

Other than Texas and moving we're just hanging out, adoring our sweet little man, and loving life.  We feel pretty darn lucky.

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