Sunday, July 7, 2013

4 months

Dear Elijah,

You are 4 months old today!  I can hardly believe it!  You are just the best little baby.  You are happy 90% of the time and love to smile at your momma and daddy.  You have started giggling this week which has been so fun to see.  As I write this letter you are sitting with daddy and cooing away!  You LOVE to talk to us.  You are still wearing 3-6 months clothes but it seems we'll be switching to 6-9 months soon.  You are growing so fast!  We have your 4 month appointment on Thursday and I can't wait to see what you weigh and how tall you are!

We just got back from an awesome vacation at Lake Arrowhead.  We had so much fun and loved showing you around.  We absolutely love Lake Arrowhead and have been going there for the past 5 summers.  You seemed to have a great time swimming in the pool and lounging on the sand by the lake.  The lake water was a little cold for you but you LOVED watching people splash around.

Elijah, you make us so happy!  You have brought more joy to us these last 4 months then we could ever have imagined.  We have a really fun month coming up including a visit from Mimi and Papa and a trip to Oregon where you'll get to meet a bunch of family for the first time!  Such a lucky little boy.

We love you so much Elijah!  Keep on growing, but not too fast, okay? ;-)

your momma

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