Thursday, November 7, 2013

8 months

Dear Elijah,

Hold on.  You can NOT be 8 months old already?!  Time needs to slow down!  You are such a wonderful boy and somehow, my love for you grows every. single. day.  This has been an eventful month for us.  You have mastered sitting on your own and are working on crawling.  You can army crawl and roll with the best of em, but crawling isn't quite perfected.  I bet you'll be doing it by Thanksgiving.  You pulled yourself up for the first time this month, which was so fun to see!  You were quite proud of yourself too.  You love, love, love to stand up!  It's so fun seeing you try new things.

You also got 2 more teeth this month!  You are now the proud owner of your top two, darling teeth.  I still can't believe my little baby has 4 teeth!  Your teethy smile is just so darn cute, but boy does it hurt if you get ahold of my finger.  Ow!

You are still fitting into some of your 6-9 month clothes (mostly cause I can't bear to part with them), but are also wearing 12 month clothes.  You are finishing up your last box of size 3 diapers and then we'll be onto the 4's.  I measured you today and it looks like you're rocking it at 29.5 inches.  My tall boy!  You are weighing right around 22 lbs.  Your favorite word is "mama", but unfortunately you only use it when your whining.  Go figure.

We love you so much, Elijah boy.  You are such a fun baby.  You smile and giggle all the time, and that makes us just melt.  We love being your parents so much and excited for the next month: your first Thanksgiving!!!  We'll be traveling to Kansas and know that you're going to have a blast.

All my love,
your momma

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