Thursday, January 30, 2014

i'm a parent. woah

If you could take a peek inside our house, you would likely see lots and lots of clorox wipes, lysol spray, saltine crackers, sprite, blankets, and a very sleepy mom and dad.  That's right.  We caught the dreaded stomach flu this week and it was, well, dreadful.  It started with me, then Elijah, and finally Jason caught it on Tuesday night.  Luckily, we are all feeling much better and are so happy to have that in the past.  We've paid our stomach bug dues for the year right?  NO MORE, PLEASE!

I realized this week just how hard it is to be a mom, let alone a "good" mom, when you're super sick.  Oh man, it was rough.  Pre-kid I would have been sprawled out in bed, all day, sleeping, watching movies, and definitely not chasing an almost 11 month old around the house.  Well, not anymore.  Even though I felt like death, my momma duties didn't stop.  I suddenly felt like a really parent.  I mean, I knew I was one, but now I really know!  It's for real, y'all.  Even though he was sick too, Elijah didn't skip a beat.  It was really hard, but at the same time, not hard at all.  I love him more than I could ever have imagined and so I did it.  I got off the couch and onto the floor, and played with him.  I fed him.  I rocked him.  I sang to him.  And it was fine.  You do what you gotta do.

There's really no point to this post except to say, "I'm a parent.  Woah."

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