Monday, November 16, 2009

Make it Rain

Contrary to popular belief, Southern California has 4 seasons. They are: Warm, Hot, Santa Ana Winds, and Holy Fireballs It Sure Is Hot. Every Californian knows this and has come to grips with it. As long the Warm season is longer than the Hot season and the Santa Ana Winds don't last too long, either, the SoCalite is good to go.

Another little known fact: California secretly has a fifth season. Like the leap year, it only comes around every so often, but when it does it's enough to get everyone hopped up with anticipation. This year? Yes, we are theoretically in store for another El Nino. Am I excited? You bet I am. Giddy. Extatic. Other supurlatives that mean "giddy" and "extatic". El Nino brings the rain, and for just a few months (or weeks, or days, or nanoseconds), it's pure aquatic bliss.

So, here's to you, Fifth Season. Come, bring your storm clouds and thunder and funky mildew. Make it Rain.


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