Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Fish Called Finley

Jason and I had a pet adventure tonight. You see, since we've been married I have been itching to get a pet. Our apartment doesn't allow dogs or cats, so those options were out the window. After much discussion, I finally decided I wanted a fish. So, last night Jason and I laid in bed dreaming about the soon-to-be new member of the family, Finley (Jason's note: My name submission was Meatball Farm. Submission: rejected). Tonight we went to Petco and picked out the perfect fish, a light blue Beta fish (who I swear looked at me when I called out "Finley"). Jason starting asking me if I was up for taking care of this fish. It then donned on me that a fish is a big responsibility. You have to feed it every other day, clean the tank once a week, keep him from getting sick, and be prepared to have nasty smells seeping from the tank. To top it off, the $20 was a financial commitment we could just not make at this time. I quickly realized that I was not ready to take care of another living thing (other than my husband, of course.)

The moral of the story: I am not ready for a child.


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  1. Haha, that's awesome! Yay for not being ready to have a child yet!!