Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lovely Lady Lumps

You may be wondering about the title and truthfully, I am wondering why I named it this. As all of our faithful blog readers (all two of you) know, I have a couple of very hard enlarged lymph node (which my sister lovingly refers to as my lovely lady lumps) on my neck that I had checked out in November. I realized I never updated you about what happened. My MRI came back with findings of multiple enlarged lymph nodes in neck varying in size from .5 cm to over 1 cm. The doctor I was seeing was terrible and rude. We left feeling very unsettled since he basically told us nothing. He said "well I could do a biopsy if you want, but you'll have a big ugly scar". UM, no I don't WANT a biopsy. Tell me if I NEED one you silly doctor. Anyway, I decided to get a second opinion but wanted to enjoy the holidays before dealing with it again. Since then I have been having difficulty breathing and a persistent cough that is just annoying. I think these last two things are related to asthma, but anyway...

I have an appointment with a new doctor this afternoon. He will be reviewing my MRI results and then setting up any tests he feels necessary to once and for all rule out any serious diseases that it could be. How am I feeling about it? About the same as anyone would, anxious. I know it is going to turn out to be some random infection but the tiny possibility of it being something bad is of course lingering in the back of my head. LUCKILY, I have the most supportive husband in the world to go with me today.

I promise to update the blog TONIGHT with what the doctor tells me. I am really just praying that he can rule out any bad stuff without having to do a biopsy!! NO needles in my neck please :-) Thanks for the thoughts and prayers readers (again, all two of you).


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