Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We're BACK!

Please pardon our absence for the past several weeks, we have been rather busy! Summer was wonderful and, of course, went way too fast. We are now back to work and school and trying to get used to the new-old routine. Some quick updates on us:

1. Jason just started his LAST year of graduate school!! Go Jason!!
2. Stephanie just visited family in Texas and had a wonderful time.
3. Stephanie's birthday is tomorrow, oh hey 23 years old.
4. Jason and Stephanie are beginning to discuss where they might want to live after Jason graduates in May-- scary and exciting conversation!
5. Jason and Stephanie have 4 little kittens that have been frequenting their patio and they LOVE it! The kittens are so fun and playful and Stephanie wishes she could keep one... but she can't!
6. Jason and Stephanie are looking forward to the next nine months and can't wait to see what happens. (No, Stephanie is not pregnant, it is nine months till Jason's graduation.)

We love you guys and appreciate you wanting to read up on our lives! More exciting blogs to come :-)

One of our favorite pictures from the summer!

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