Thursday, October 14, 2010

Transitions and Such

This next week is a transition week--not so much for Steph and I, but for a few people close to us. Our good friends Zach and Brittany officially tie the knot this Saturday (by the way, why is this a metaphor for marraige? What does it have to do with anything? Wouldn't a better one be "Don the rings", as in, "Zach and Brittany are getting ready to don the rings this Saturday"? But I digress...). We're really excited for these two, it has certainly been a long time coming! It's been a blast seeing these two walk through various stages of life together over the past 6 or 7 years, or whatever it has been. We're very excited that the day is almost here!

It's a transition week for another Zach and Brittany, and in some ways it's a happy transition as well...but it's probably a more emotionally complex kind of thing. They recently accepted a job in Tennessee, and are moving this next week. Stephanie commented on how these are our first "adult friends" to move away from the area. Pretty crazy!

It's kind of strange--one couple comes together, another moves along. One arrives, one departs. Such is the way of things. In the midst of the comings and goings, arrivals and departures, I want to throw in my heart-felt congratulations to both Zach and Brittany, and Zach and Brittany; know that in the endings and beginnings which are represented in the next week, we are grateful for your friendship. Blessings on you all in this new chapter of life in which you find yourselves!


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  1. thank you jason!!! :) we love you! can't wait to see you soon! and hopefully get you guys out to our new neck of the woods!

    ~love, the Nashville Zach and Britt