Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Some other things...

- I'm still frantically applying for jobs and have yet to hear back. from.a.single.one.
- Jason and I are going to Texas for the 4th of July in just 16 short days. I can hardly stand it!
- My foot is starting to feel better and better everyday, which is great for said trip to Texas.
- Jason and I are participating in a book discussion group with some friends where we are reading "The Gospel in a Pluralist Society" by Lesslie Newbigin. To say that this book is a difficult read for me would be an understatement but I am LOVING how it is stretching me and what I am learning through the book and through the discussions. (Side Note: I am leading the discussion tonight- pray for me :-/)
- I am still trying my hardest to convince Jason that we need a puppy. Yes, need. Not want. I have found several that would be perfect, we'll see if he caves. Here's the one I want, an Australian Shepherd:

- I'm looking for some yummy homemade bread recipes, do you have any favorites??


  1. Hey Stephanie! I have a REALLY good pumpkin bread recipe. I'll e-mail it to you :)

  2. Pumpkin bread? YUM! I'd love that Bri! Thanks!!