Thursday, June 9, 2011

Table Renovation

Since I suddenly have all this free time on my hands I have decided to take on a couple of renovation projects to fill my time! I bought an old window frame from an antique store that I want to use as the headboard for our guest room. I plan on sanding it down and painting it white.

The first project I want to tackle is a table renovation. We bought this adorable table with 6 matching chairs for $75 off of craigslist. The table is a farmhouse style table with green legs. Yes, green. Here's a picture:

My plan for the table is to refinish the top and paint the legs and chairs (except for the seat). I can't decide what color to paint the legs. My original idea was the paint them white, like a classic farmhouse table would look. Here is an example:

I recently saw a picture online though of a table with blue legs and I LOVED it. Our kitchen has lots of antique blue and I think it would be really neat to carry that into the table. Here is a picture of that idea:

Okay, so what is your opinion? Blue, white, or some other third color? I'd love to hear your ideas on the subject! HAPPY ALMOST WEEKEND!


  1. Hey girlie! great minds think alike! :) that looks just like the table we bought when we first got married! i painted the whole thing black when we brought it home. but now i'm just getting ready to sand most of the black off, paint the legs teal, and stain the whole thing! :)

    i miss you! how's your foot?

  2. i love the blue! but white or black would also be nice, because you can add color through table cloths, place mats, or seat cushions! let me know what you decide- I'd love to come help soon!!!! :)

  3. oh the color one would be too fun. or white for classic. either way, i love the table!