Thursday, October 27, 2011

Very sad news

We debated whether or not to post anything about this, but for something that has made such a huge impact on our life, it felt wrong not to share. Jason and I suffered the loss of our first baby a couple of weeks ago. We were about 8 weeks along and already madly in love with the little baby in Stephanie's belly. We are still shocked and everyday wish we could just wake up from this bad dream. It definitely doesn't seem fair, but who are we to say what is fair or not? We are clinging to the fact that God is faithful and in control. He is covering us with peace each day and we are finally beginning to feel that.

As you might imagine, we are still processing through what it means to let people know about this aspect of our lives. We honestly haven't figured out the answer yet, but we felt like posting something publicly was a step we were ready to take. If you think about it, we would love prayer for continued healing and for wisdom in knowing how to do life in this new normal. Also, we feel like we should say that we have no particular expectations for what you need to do with this information. If you want to bring it up, we're open to talking about it (sometimes it's nice to process with other people who care); if you feel weird or don't know what to say, then no worries (sometimes we're the same way!); and if you feel like you'd rather not talk about it with us at all, then that is completely fine, too (sometimes it's nice to think about other, more "normal" things). Thanks for reading, and thanks for letting us share this big part of our lives on this space.

--Jason and Stephanie


  1. I am so so sorry to hear that. We will be praying for you guys as you are healing. Thanks for your honesty, it is encouraging to read how you are relying God in such a hard time. <3

  2. I am so sorry for your loss Stephanie, I also had a miscarriage this summer so I empathize with you. It is not an easy burden to carry, but just as you said, Christ will carry it for us if we let Him. May you feel the Lord's tender mercies and feel His hand in your life each day as you grow closer to Him and to your husband!

  3. I love you guys; Nate and I are praying for peace.