Saturday, April 14, 2012

stopping by

I know I haven't been the best blogger in the world lately, but I'm stopping by today. We've had a pretty good month (and by good I mean uneventful). The end of 2011 and beginning of 2012 was series of bad news and sad events, so a month or so smooth sailing has been nice. Just some updates:

1. I went to a super fun craft party last night and went home with 6 new crafts. (6 girls attended and each came prepared with a craft). We ate and drank well and had a ball getting our craft on.

2. I'm enjoying the tail end of my spring break from work right now. It was a glorious week of sleeping in (till 7:30am- woah now), cleaning the house, visiting my sweet husband at work, and seeing lovely friends.

3. It's almost summer break at APU which means work will be slowing down dramatically for Jason. It'll be nice for like a week and then the boredom of no students will set in.

4. I had 11 tubes of blood taken from my body today! It wasn't nearly as bad as it sounds, but I'm very glad it's over. Hopefully we'll start getting some answers as to what's going on with my wacked out body.

5. Charlie is still super hyper but, believe it or not, is starting to mellow out a bit. He's such a good dog. We're so glad we have him! Some of his favorite things are: Jason, tennis balls, and the dog park. (He loves me too, but not has much as J.) ;-)

6. We got these fun new pictures for our house. We love them! And they're helpful incase we ever forget where we're from.

Hope you're having a great Saturday!

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