Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dear Baby: 11 Weeks

Dear baby,

11 weeks!  Another week gone by making it one week closer to the day I get to meet you!  Did you know that your daddy and I are madly in love with you, little one?  We can't stop talking about you and dreaming about the day you enter this world.  We are so lucky to have you!

I'll tell ya one thing, sweetie, pregnancy is tough stuff and I'm not even talking about the symptoms.  I hate that I can't be in control of what happens.  I mean, I feel pregnant but I still know that I am ultimately not in control.  I put my trust in the Lord and pray that you will stay super safe while in my belly and out.  I just love you so much!

You are the size of a lime this week.  A LIME!  You're just doing such a good job growing in there.  We can't wait till Friday when we get to see you again!  We also plan on announcing to the world (via Facebook) on Friday and I'm so excited!  For some reason I know it'll feel even more real at that point.

I love you sweet baby, stay safe!

Your Mama

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