Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dear Baby: 10 Weeks

Dear Baby,

How are you doing this week?  We're doing just fine out here!  I'm starting to feel better in some ways and worse in others.  My nausea is much better for the most part (although tends to pick random times to attack) but my fatigue and food aversions are getting worse by the day.  It's kind of funny how I can be STARVING yet not want to eat anything, it's very unlike me!  But you know what, my love?  ALL of the yucky symptoms are so worth it because it means that you are growing big and strong in there!  We love you so much already!

We are 10 weeks pregnant this week and you're the size of a Kumquat (or Prune, but that sounds so gross).  Here's a picture:
You're a little over an inch long and I'm so proud of all the growing you're doing!  (Remember when you were the size of a poppyseed?  I DO!)  This week you are expected to nearly double in size again.  How crazy is that?  You are such a rockstar!

Daddy and I have the next two days off work and we're so excited to spend time together!  I'm sure we'll be doing a lot of daydreaming about you, you are our favorite thing to talk about.  You're our pride and joy, baby!

I love you so much,
Your Mama

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