Monday, August 20, 2012

Dear Baby: 12 Weeks

Dear Baby,

Look at that!  You're starting to pop out, aren't ya?  Daddy and I sure think so although the rest of the world probably just think I ate one too many doughnuts!  We had so much fun taking our first belly picture tonight, it makes it all feel more real!  We are just so enamored by you!

I'm feeling pretty good over here, baby, thank you for that!  I'm still hoping to get some energy back at some point, but for now am just thankful to not feel so nauseous.  How are you doing in there?  I know that you are still growing like crazy (way too go!) and are even developing your reflexes this week!  How cool is that?  In fact, you are even responding to my belly pokes and prods by kicking and wiggling, although I can't quite feel you move yet.  

We got see you move on the ultrasound on Friday and it was AMAZING!  We couldn't stop staring at you!  The first ultrasound was really quick and I felt a little disappointed so I asked our doctor if we could have another look and she "YES", which I couldn't believe.  She even let Daddy administer the ultrasound which was really fun for both of us.  We got several pictures to take home and they are proudly hanging from the refrigerator.  

We love you so much, my sweet baby!  Keep on growing!

Your Mama

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