Friday, September 21, 2012

Dear Baby: 16 Weeks

(Yeah, so I took this week's picture in the bathroom at work- don't judge)

Dear Baby,

Sorry I'm a few days late on this letter, but I know you won't mind since I've been talking to you every day now anyway.  I can't believe this week you are finally able to hear what daddy and I are saying to you.  I hope you like what you're hearing, cause we sure love saying it to you.  Aren't daddy's songs funny?  He loves making them up and singing to you before bed; he's already the best daddy!

I'm feeling okay this week, just still fighting the fatigue.  I was diagnosed with anemia at my last appointment which most likely is explaining why I feel like I could sleep  I've started taking extra iron so that you and I can both be very healthy (and hopefully I'll start feeling better, too!)  All of this is SO worth it, though.

Mimi and Aunt Brooke are coming to visit soon and I can't WAIT!  They will be here when we find out if you're a little guy or girl (Daddy and I both still think girl).  We will be so happy no matter what.  We love you, sweet baby!  Stay warm and cozy in there.

Your Mama

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