Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dear Baby: 17 Weeks

Dear Baby,

This has been a wonderful week so far because I have started feeling you move around in my tummy!  It is such an amazing feeling and I'm so excited that those little kicks and jabs will only begin to get stronger.  I feel you most right after lunch and when I lean slightly forward.  In fact, as I write this you are moving around like crazy- am I smooshing you in there, baby??  I just love feeling you and can't wait till daddy can feel you too.

You are getting so big- almost 5.5 inches (from head to bottom) and weigh over 5 ounces!  I am so proud of how much you're growing!  Did you know that your daddy and I fall more in love with you every single day?  It's true!  We just can't wait to meet our sweet little boy or girl.  Speaking of boy or girl, only 7 days until we find out which one you are!!!!!!  To say I am excited would be an understatement!  You make so happy, baby! 

Tonight your daddy and I (and you, of course) are going to LA County Fair!  I promise to avoid all the sketchy carnival rides and to eat something extra special, (ice cream cone, perhaps) just for you!  We love you so, so, so much!

Your Mama

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  1. You look soooo cute Steph! I'm sure Jason looks cute too :)