Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dear Baby: 18 Weeks

Dear Baby,

This is a very, very exciting week for a couple of reasons!  For one, your Mimi and Aunt Brooke are coming to visit TODAY and your mama is so happy!  The second reason why this is a VERY exciting week is because we find out if you're a boy or girl TOMORROW!!!!  Your daddy and I (and the rest of our friends and family) can hardly wait!  So just remember, tomorrow at 3:30, don't be shy!

Your little kicks are getting stronger by the day and I *think* I even felt one with my hand this morning.  Your daddy is very anxious to get home and see if he can feel too.  Do you like the songs we've been singing to you at night?  We've been spending about 10-15 minutes every night before we go to sleep singing and talking to you, and I have to say, it's some of my favorite moments of the day.  (Your daddy's voice is MUCH better than mine, especially since I've been sick, but I know you won't mind.)

We sure love you, little one!  Stay warm and snuggly and we'll see you tomorrow!!!!!!

Your Mama

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