Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dear Baby: 27 Weeks

Dear sweet baby,

Did you know that this is our last official week of the second trimester?  Next week we will be starting our third and final trimester!  Although I am loving being pregnant with you, I can't wait to finally meet you!!!  You bring your daddy and me so much joy already and we are just so in love with you, my son.

This week you're closing in on two and half pounds and most likely somewhere between 15 and 16 inches long.  Such a big boy, and to think, you'll be more than doubling that weight before you make your grand entrance in just three short months.  I wonder how much you'll weight when your born?  I'm kinda thinking you'll be big, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

You're daddy and I had SO much fun at the Lakers game last Tuesday, and I think you did too!  You were moving around like crazy for most of the game, which leads me to believe that you'll be an NBA player when you grow up.  But you can be whatever you want, of course! :-)

Elijah, we love you so much!  You are such a blessing to so many already.  Stay warm and safe in there!

Your Mama

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