Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dear Baby: 29 Weeks

Dear sweet Elijah,

I'm writing you this week's letter from the comfort of our brown couch, wearing my pajamas, on a Tuesday afternoon at 1:00 pm (when I should be at work).  This can only mean one thing.  That's right, this mama of yours is sick!  And so is your daddy, in fact.  We were attacked by a very nasty stomach virus while we were in Phoenix for your cousin David's wedding.  We had such a wonderful time seeing family and watching David and Tiffani get married but were quickly brought back down to reality when OVER half of the extended family was overtaken by illness.  Yuck...we were a sad, pathetic group!  I'm so sorry if you felt hungry in there!  Your mama had a hard time eating, but I tried my very best for you!  You are my number concern and I was so worried about you, my sweet boy!

As I write you this letter you are rolling around and kicking me.  Did you know that those are two of my absolute favorite feelings in the world?  I love feeling you move around!  I can tell that you growing bigger and stronger by the day and I love knowing that you're doing good in there.  You're probably closing in on the 3 pound mark, which makes us so proud of you.  Another thing we're closing in on?  Your due date!  76 days until your scheduled arrival, although a little before would be just fine with us!!!  We can't wait to meet you!

I can't believe that Christmas is only one week away.  I love thinking about what Christmas will be like next year when you're here with us!  We LOVE Christmas time in this house and I have a feeling you will too.  We love you so much!

Your Mama

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