Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dear Baby: 31 Weeks

Dear sweet baby boy,

How are you doing, my son? We're doing just fine out here!  We had a wonderful Christmas/New Years with family in Phoenix and got to do so many fun, relaxing things while we were there.  And let me tell you, you sure are loved and spoiled by everyone!  Did you know that you got several Christmas presents??  Your mama and daddy couldn't believe it but loved opening all the cute clothes and toys for you.  You are such a lucky little boy.  It's hard to believe that next year you'll be opening your own presents!  It was the perfect week but now we're home, settling back in to reality (I wish we could be on vacation forever!!!!).

We are 31 weeks this week and getting so close to the end!  This week you weigh somewhere between 3.3-4 lbs and are over 16 inches in length.  I know I say it all the time, but you're getting so big!  We're very proud of you.  It's crazy to me that in just 5.5 weeks I'll be going on maternity leave (most likely) and will also be considered full term, so at that point you can come ANY TIME you're ready, little man!  We'll be ready for you, I promise :-)

You're room is pretty much done, other than a few small touches and I absolutely love it- I hope you will too!  We are having so much fun getting everything prepared for you.  We bought a big box of diapers last night (mama had a great coupon) and I had no idea how exciting buying diapers could be.  As strange as it sounds, we can't wait to change your little diapers.  That's how much we love you!!!!

We love you so much Elijah and hope that you stay nice and warm in there.  Your kicks are getting stronger by the day and I LOVE feeling them, so keep on kicking away! :-)

Your Mama

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