Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dear Baby: 40 Weeks

Dear Elijah James,

Well, here we are at the day your daddy and I have been dreaming of for 9 long months... March 4th, your due date!  I can't believe the day is finally here and also can't believe you're not here yet.  I thought for sure you'd be an early baby, but it just goes to show, there is NO predicting when a baby will be born.  We are trying to be patient, son, but to tell you the truth, we are really, REALLY ready to meet you!  We are just so in love with you already and know that that love is going to grow exponentially once we hold you in our arms, smell your sweet smell, and kiss your adorable cheeks.

Your Uncle Wes got into town last night and your MiMi and Aunt Brooke get in this afternoon.  They're all here to meet you, my son!  You are so loved by so many.  I'm so excited that they are here and know that there will lots of walking and eating spicy foods in my future- did I mention that they're ready for you to be here too??

Although everyone is anxious for your big debut you come when you're ready, my little man!  We want you to be as healthy as can be and if that means taking some extra time to cook, se be it.  Daddy keeps telling me that my belly is just too comfortable of a home for you... I hope that's true.  I hope you've been comfortable, but just so you know, it's gonna be way better out here.  Just think of all the snuggles waiting for you!

I love you so incredibly much, my son!  Can't wait for your birthday!

Your Mama

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