Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dear Baby: 39 Weeks

Dear sweet baby boy,

ONE MORE WEEK!  That is all that's standing between us and our due date.  7 short days.  Crazy, huh?  But if you want to make it shorter and come out before then, no one would complain!  We are finding ourselves getting impatient over here but know that you are totally and completely worth the wait, so come out whenever you're ready, little guy!

You must be getting really cramped in there!  I can tell that you're getting bigger (and chunkier) by the day based on how big your movements are!  It's so funny to watch you squirm around in there, it looks like you're trying to find a way out.  Just remember, there is plenty of room to stretch out once you make your big debut.

I'm still finding myself feeling pretty good considering how very pregnant I am!  Now that the pain in my stomach is gone for the most part I'm able to do so much more.  I'm trying to keep very busy and that has been wonderful.  I've been going for daily walks with your buddy Charlie and making lunch dates with friends, it's been great!  I'm definitely thankful for these weeks off work to relax and get ready for YOU!

Daddy's office threw us a beautiful shower today and we had such a blast!  We got to eat delicious lasagna and cupcakes for dessert, play a fun game, and open presents.  It was so much fun to celebrate with daddy's wonderful coworkers who love and pray for you already!  The shower was Dr. Seuss themed and part of the decorations were several Dr. Seuss books, which they generously gave to us to add to your book collection.  We can't wait to read them to you!  Will you like books as much as your Daddy does?  I bet so!

I love you so much, my son, and am literally counting the days till you're in my arms!

Your mama

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  1. Ahh! I can't wait for him to be here! Less than a week to go! :)