Tuesday, May 7, 2013

2 months

Dear Elijah James,

You are 2 months old today!  Um, when did that happen??  Elijah, you are such a great baby and are just so much fun to watch as you learn about the world.  You spend your days sleeping, eating, smiling, cooing, observing your surroundings, watching your fur brother, and loving on momma and daddy.  Your absolute favorite is when we "coo" at you.  Seriously, you think this is hilarious and smile without fail every time.

I've said this a thousand times, but you make us so so so happy!  You are the best baby and we are loving learning your every cry, laugh, squirm.  You still like your swing but seem to get bored with it easier these days.  One of your favorite things to do is sit on our laps and "talk" to us.  You also like us to help you stand.  Such a big boy already!  You love to feel big and strong.  I'm not sure what you are weighing these days but will find out in just two short days.  I have a feeling that you'll be topping the charts though.

Sometimes I just look at you and stare, thinking, "how on earth did I get so lucky?"  You are just beautiful, my son, and I am so happy to be your momma.  You make every day so sweet.  I'm so excited for the next month with you.  Some things to look forward to:
-visiting family in Texas
-celebrating lots of birthdays (Mimi's, Aunt Brooke's, and Papa's)
-breaking in our new home
-enjoying some warmer weather
-momma's first mother's day (I expect extra snuggles that day)

My heart overflows with love for you!

Your momma

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