Friday, May 10, 2013

formula feeding

To most people, choosing to feed your baby formula is the "easy way out".  For me it was the complete opposite.  It was absolutely the hardest thing for me.  I did NOT set out to use formula.  In fact, I had wanted to breastfeed Elijah since the moment I found out I was pregnant with him.  I had planned on breastfeeding for the first year, because "breast is best", right?  Well fast forward 9 months and a beautiful baby boy later and things went a little differently than I had planned.  At first things were perfect!  Elijah breastfed like an absolute champ and all the nurses were so impressed.  I kept thinking how things couldn't possibly be that easy, could they?  Once we got home from the hospital I noticed that my sweet, calm baby turned cranky and, well, loud!  He was crying all the time and trying to eat all. the. time.  When we went for his first weight check he had lost a whopping 12% of his original body weight.  Doctors are okay with up to 10% but anything more is concerning.  They recommended that I supplement with formula until my milk came in.  I was so disappointed in myself.  My body was failing me.  I started seeking help from a lactation consultant.  We found out that Elijah was only able to get 1oz of milk max from me which is pathetic.  I started taking 2 kinds of supplements, drinking herbal teas, eating tons of oatmeal, drink my body weight in water and nothing.  Nothing helped.  To say I was discouraged would be an understatement.  At my next lactation appointment (Elijah was about 3 weeks by this point) it was determined that I simply have very low supply and there wasn't much more I could do to help.  I continued to try everything but nada.  After much thinking and praying I realized that my boy was a happier baby after supplementing with formula.  I finally admitted to myself that formula is perfectly fine and was what worked best for my family.  I had tried everything I could to breastfeed but I just wasn't able to keep up with my little  big guy's needs.  I'm still breastfeeding at every feeding, but honestly, he hardly gets anything.  It's just not something I'm ready to completely give up.

Every mom deserves the chance to choose how she will feed her child.  Whatever is right for her and her baby is perfectly fine.  We've got to stop judging one another for the choices we make.  There are so many hot topic issues out there that turn moms against each other- should you put a bumper on your baby's crib, should you let your baby sleep on his/her stomach, which vaccines should your baby have, etc.  We are allowed to have our own opinions but we must stop making mother's feel "less than" just because they make different decisions than we do.

Okay.  Soap box over.

Happy weekend!!!!

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  1. Steph, this is the exact thing that I went through. I'm so proud of you for making the decision that works for you! I understand more than you know. You are an amazing Mom! Love, Ang