Wednesday, July 31, 2013

my growing boy

Our boy started eating rice cereal last week! It's been so fun to watch him try something new and discover a new taste.  He was super confused at first, then he loved it, and then, 2 seconds later, he was completely over it.  I tried it again tonight and the kid just lets it dribble down his chin.  Looks like it is time to try some fruits and veggies.  So fun watching this boy grow up!

In other news, I think Elijah is teething.  He seems to be in so much pain at various points during the day.  It especially happens during nap time.  Hopefully a tooth will pop through soon and relieve his pain a little.

I have a great friend from Texas visiting us tomorrow and am so excited! Hopefully Elijah is up for some exploring this weekend :-)

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