Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dear baby: 18 weeks

Dear sweet baby boy,

Happy 18 weeks to you!  In just a couple of weeks we'll be halfway through this pregnancy, and halfway to meeting each other.  I can hardly wait for that day.  When I think about having another little boy to love I feel like my heart is literally going to explode.  I hope it can handle all the love!

I'm feeling you move more and more these days.  You still feel like a little goldfish swimming around, but it seems that the movements are getting stronger each day... you must be doing some good growing in there! Supposedly you're the size of a bell pepper this week, about 7 oz and 5.5 inches long (head to bottom).  Big boy ;-)  Although, let's try not to get TOO big, okay?  You're brother was 10.5 pounds and my doctor told me expect you to be even bigger... yikes!!!  Prove her wrong, ok?

We love you so much and are so excited to be your parents.  We've been telling Elijah about you and getting him ready for his roll as a big brother.  He's gonna do great!  Stay warm in there, it's cold out here!

All my love,
your momma

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