Thursday, January 9, 2014

10 months

Dear Elijah,

Happy 10 months to my happy, silly, chatty, crawling-all-over little boy.  You are such a great baby and your daddy and I just love being with you and watching you grow up.  You are constantly doing something that makes us giggle and utter the words, "is he really ours?".  We are SO thankful the answer is YES!  We love having you as our boy!

You started crawling this month, and let me tell you, once you figured it out you were off to explore!!!  Elijah, I can't keep up with you!  It's so fun watching you turn our house into one big adventure.  Your favorite place to play?  At the TV stand, of course.  It makes me really nervous, but I can't keep you away.  Luckily, the TV is pushed all the way back and you can't reach it... yet.  But, you are growing SO fast and I know it won't be long till you're getting in to all kinds of things.  You're just such a big boy.  Seriously!  You look like a toddler already, which makes me both happy and sad.  What happened to my little baby?  

I am so proud of you, my son, and proud to be your momma.  I love to the moon and back and back and back!

All my love,
Your momma

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