Monday, February 10, 2014

11 months

Dear sweet Elijah,

Happy 11 months to you!  I can NOT believe that we are just a month away from your first birthday.  Where did my "baby" go?  You keep getting bigger and more independent with each new day.  You are such a wonderful little boy.  You continue to amaze us and we thank God every day for you.

You love your momma and daddy so much.  You love to give us big smiles and snuggles and you even give me kisses.  (Daddy's beard weirds you out a little bit, though).  You are such a cuddly boy and I LOVE that.  I hope that never changes, but I have a sneaky feeling it might.

You are finally eating table food and are loving pretty much everything we give you.  Your favorites are yogurt melts, baby cheetos, applesauce, grilled cheese sandwiches, and whole grain waffles.  You're still unsure about vegetables, but we're working on it!  You need all the nourishment you can get for all the crawling you're doing these days.  You love to explore our house and get in to everything.  It's so fun to watch you discover new things.  I think you're still a month or so away from walking, but who knows!  I'm in no hurry!

We love you SO much, Elijah.  You are one of the best things to ever happen to us and we are so thankful for you.  Keep on growing, but not too fast, okay?

All my love,
Your momma

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