Monday, March 10, 2014

12 months (BIRTHDAY POST!)

 (written on March 7th)

Dear Elijah,

Happy birthday, sweet boy!  Today you are ONE YEAR OLD and I can hardly believe it.  What an amazing, joy-filled year this has been.  You have completely turned our worlds upside down, in the best ways possible.  You are such a happy, smiley boy and always down for some snuggles.  You love to crawl, but haven't attempted walking yet (which is okay with me).  You like to "wrestle" with daddy and cuddle with momma.  You LOVE your toys, especially the ones that make noises.  We have little stations around the living room with toys, and you just crawl from one to the other and play all day.  Your favorite book is Red Truck.  Seriously, you're obsessed with this book.  Your daddy and I both have it memorized because we've read it so many times!  You really could care less about any other book, it's so funny.  You are really liking food these days.  You'll try anything we give you and pretty much like it all.  I think your favorites are pizza, grilled cheese, carrots, applesauce, bananas, yogurt, and goldfish crackers.

You are a wonderful little boy, Elijah.  You really love your momma and daddy and we really love you!  You have so many fun things to look forward to this year, including becoming a big brother!  I think you're going to be the best big brother in the world.  I can't wait to see you in that role.

I'll end this letter by saying this:  even though the world classifies you as a "toddler" now, you will ALWAYS be my baby.  I love you more than words can say, sweet boy.

Happy birthday!!!

All my love,
Your Momma

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