Friday, June 5, 2015

409 days.

As I sit here, drinking my coffee and reflecting on the last 409 days since I've written on this blog, I simply cannot believe how much our lives have changed.  We added the sweetest addition to our family, Micah Wesley, and have fallen completely in love with him.  He'll be 13 months old in just a couple of days and is seconds away from walking (and taking over our house).  He keeps us laughing all day long and we're beyond thankful for his life.  Over the past 409 days we've also learned that Elijah has several developmental delays, the main one being language.  We've immersed ourselves in early intervention services and are absolutely blown away by the progress he's made in just a few short months.  Our little smarty pants is starting to talk and already knows how to say and recognize the alphabet, spells his name, knows his shapes, animals, and colors.  We are so proud of Elijah and are excited to see what he learns next.

409 days have also held a whole lot of waiting for Jason and I.  We've been in a season of intentionally laying our lives before God and asking Him what it is that He has next for us.  So far, it seems that He wants us to stay exactly where we are and appreciate where we live and who we do life with.  We've prayed for Him to open the right doors and close the wrong ones, and He has been extremely faithful.

We are thankful.

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