Thursday, July 7, 2011


Chipotle Chicken Enchiladas. Yeah, delicious. We ate real well last night!

Ok, here's what has been going on with us:

- I have an interview tonight for a part-time nanny position!
- We had a BLAST in Texas this past weekend (pics and post to come)
- Jason gets half-day Fridays for the whole month of July, so fun!
- I should get my boot off in 6 days!!! Hooray!
- Summer of weddings is officially in full swing and I love it :-)
- Jason and I have been able to spend lots of time with friends recently and we are just so thankful for solid relationships.
- We celebrated our 2 year anniversary a couple of weeks ago (again, pics and post to come)

And I leave you with this: Thursday is the new Friday, so go out and enjoy yourself tonight!

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