Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dear Baby: 5 Weeks

Hi baby,

Wow, what a week!!!  We are at the tail end of week 5 but I am just now able to write you since we've been on vacation in Colorado all week.  We had such a blast with all your mommy's family!  You did SO good and I'm very proud of you.  We were pretty active in Colorado and I got nervous a few times but all and all, I tried to take it easy.  Did you know that you went tubing down a river and climbed a waterfall?  Pretty cool, huh?  You're already such a little daredevil ;-).  My favorite part of the vacation was telling my family about you!  They are very excited for meet you!  Cousin Keaton is especially  excited to play with you!

You are the size of an appleseed this week and growing so fast.  Your heart started beating this week too, wow!  I'm so excited to see you on July 16!  I'm feeling pretty good so far, other than a little nausea and fatigue (and when I say fatigue I meant pure exhaustion) but it's ALL worth it for you, my love!

We are so madly in love with you already and have been daydreaming about you nonstop.  We are just so thankful to be your parents.

Stay safe baby,
Your Mama

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