Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dear Baby: 14 Weeks

Dear Baby,

How are you doing this week, my little one??  I for one am doing quite well!  I bought a device this morning, called a Doppler, which allows me to hear your little heartbeat from home and I am in heaven.  Daddy and I were worried at first that it might cause extra stress but once I heard your heart beating I knew we had made the right decision.  I LOVE hearing that you are in there and growing strong.  My love for you grows every single day.  I feel like my heart my EXPLODE!  Here's a video:

You are getting so big!  Did you know that you are the size of a lemon this week?  Speaking of lemons... Mmmmm lemonade!  This mama can't get enough of that stuff lately.  Don't worry, I've been watering it down so it's not so sugary for you.  Gotta do what's best for you, my sweet.

I am just in awe of you and all the growing you are doing.  As of this week you are 3.5 inches long and are starting to suck your thumb.  Your mama and daddy both LOVED their pacifiers (until way too old, I might add) so I wouldn't be surprised if you are a sucker too.  I promise to have plenty to choose from once you make your big arrival (182 days to go, but who's counting...)

We sure love you, baby, and can't wait to meet you!  We are gonna have so much fun together.  I love you so so so much!

Your Mama

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