Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dear Baby: 22 Weeks

Dear sweet baby boy,

How are you doing in there, my son?  By the feel of your kicks I'd say you're having a grand ol' time!  I'm doing great out here.  I love feeling you move and kick and punch more than anything!  It's such an amazing feeling and I feel so lucky to get to feel them.  Your daddy loves feeling you move too.  We are amazed that we can even SEE you moving around.  It's just the most amazing thing.  YOU are the most amazing thing :-)  Sometimes I look down at my belly and can't believe how big it is.  Then I remember how much growing you/we are about to do and all I can do is smile.  I sure love this journey we're on!

We made a lot of progress on your nursery this weekend.  Daddy worked so hard cleaning/organizing our storage shed in the backyard (so that we could add more stuff to it) and I cleaned out your closest.  We also ordered your crib and bought a stroller.  Wow!  Expensive and fun weekend :-)  We had so much fun pushing your stroller around, daydreaming about what it's going to be like to have you in it.  Our little boy!  We love you so incredibly much.

I had the most beautiful dream about you the other night.  You were about 4 years old and the love we had for each other was enough to bring tears to my eyes (like really, I started crying).  I can't wait to see what the real 4-year-old you looks like.  Heck, I can't wait to see what 1-day-old you looks like!  Will you look like mama? Or daddy?  Or maybe a combination of both?  We certainly can't wait to find out :-)

I love you so much, son!  Stay warm :-)

Your Mama

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