Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dear Baby: 25 Weeks

Dear Elijah,

Here we are at 25 weeks!  Look at how you're growing.  I can't help but look down at my belly and be absolutely amazed at how big you are getting!  Every thing about you is amazing and I just can't believe you're ours!  How did we get so lucky?

Your daddy and I leave for our Texas vacation tonight and we are both so excited!  Tonight will be your first plane ride but don't be nervous, I'll take care of you.  We plan on taking another plane ride about 6 weeks after your born to visit all the Texas family... I wonder how'll that will go!  I can't wait to find out.

I'm feeling pretty good lately other than a few expected aches and pains, nothing that I can't handle though.  I think one of your favorite spots to hang out is down low, near my bladder which makes for a few added bathroom trips throughout our day.  You are so funny and I love getting to know your little moves and kicks already.

I sure love you, my precious son! 

Your Mama

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