Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dear Baby: 34 Weeks

Dear Elijah James,

We got to do something really fun this weekend!  Our awesome, dear friend Kaylyn took some maternity photos of us.  I've only seen two so far but I LOVE them both.  You were the star of the shoot, my little one.  Did you know that your mama climbed a fence AND a big hill just so that we could get to this awesome spot?  Ain't nothing stopping this pregnant lady from getting a good shot.  It was so worth it, although I'm pretty sure me straddling a fence looked absolutely ridiculous!

34 weeks, bud!  We are getting so close.  The doctor is taking me out of work at 36 weeks which means I only two full weeks of work left.  Crazy!  What will I spend my days doing, you ask?  Oh, the possibilities are endless!  Take a nap, wash all your clothes, nap, pack the hospital bags, nap, have lunch with girlfriends, nap.  I can't wait for a little downtown before the big day!  Did you know that you're allowed to come anytime after 37 weeks?  Seriously, if you're ready, I'd be totally fine if you came around then!  I'm just so ready to meet you, my son.

We're still busy getting ready for you.  Last night we bought a very comfy chair pad for the rocking chair in your room so our butts don't go numb rocking you.  I imagine we'll spend a lot of time there together.  Your daddy and I sat in your room for awhile last night dreaming about rocking you and changing you and playing with you... we can't wait!  We love you so much!  Stay safe in there, we've almost made it!

Your mama

Here's a little sneak pic of our maternity pictures:

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