Monday, February 4, 2013

Dear Baby: 36 Weeks

Dear Elijah,

Here we are at 36 weeks!  Only 28 days until our due date- wow!!!  I can't believe how short of a time we have left but am beyond ready to meet you!  I am officially on maternity leave starting today and am already loving the restful time off.  Now that I'm off work I will definitely have my hands full with getting your room in order cause it's a little bit of a mess right now.  I'm excited to wash all of your tiny clothes and organize your toys!

Some wonderful friends threw us the most beautiful baby shower this weekend.  Your daddy and I feel beyond grateful and blessed by the wonderful gifts we received for you.  You are one very lucky boy!  Here are some pictures from the shower:
The gifts!

Yummy dessert and drinks table

The most beautiful grandmas in the world!


Me with the awesome hostesses- and yes, I know, you're getting big in there!
We played a game at the baby shower where the hostesses asked me several questions and matched my answers with what daddy had said earlier.  One question was when I thought you would be born and when I WANTED you to be born.  For the record, I think you'll be born around 39 weeks but WANT you to be born at 37 weeks.  37 weeks is full-term right?  Works for me!  Patience has never come easy to me :-)

I love you so much, my sweet son.  You are such a joy to so many already!

Your mama

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