Tuesday, September 17, 2013

6 months

Dear Elijah,

You are 6 months old!  Half a year!  I know it is so cliche to say, but where has the time gone??  The last 6 months have been some the happiest, most joy filled months of our lives... and all because of you, little one.  We love you so much and love the newness that each day brings.  You continue to amaze us  with your smile, laughter, and the way you discover the world around you.  One of my favorite new things you've been doing is that you've learned how to get people's attention.  It is completely hilarious. You will stare at someone for as long as it takes for them to look at you, and then you reward them with huge, gummy smile.  It is so adorable!  I love that you love people so much.  I hope you always have that trait.  And you know what, people sure love you.  You get people talking about you every where we go.  Can't complain about that!

You had your 6 month appointment 2 weeks ago and you were 19 lbs and 28 inches long!  Still my big boy!  It's fun having such a tall boy.  Everyone seems to have a comment about what sport you'll play!  Daddy's family thinks basketball, while mommy's family thinks football.  I guess we'll see.  But don't worry honey, you don't have to play either if you don't want.  We will support you with whatever it is you decide to do.  We just can't wait to watch you!

You and I traveled to Texas this month and had the best time!  Everyone is head of heels for you and I sure love watching them with you.  I think one of your favorite things about the trip was Mimi saying, "I'm gonna get you" and then kissing your neck.  You just laughed and laughed!  In fact, you even laughed in anticipation, which is a new thing for you.

Elijah boy, we love you to the moon and back and are beyond thankful for your life.  Keep on growing, little man!  You make us proud.

All my love,
your momma

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  1. Love this little guy -- keep posting photos! So adorable :)